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The Importance of Content in your Marketing Strategy


Any marketer (not just digital) will tell you that in our digitalised world, content is still king. There are very evident reasons for this, all digital marketing engines are content guzzlers – social, blogs, video channels, and even your good ol’ website needs content!

What is content? In this 2013 blog post, Lee Odden attempts a definition, but ends up stumbling. The definition of content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts”. But is that complete? Lee concludes his definition with a “How” rather than a “What”, which is probably what we can all agree with. He shares “It is through content that the people we are interested in discover, consume and act on brand information. Content leads consumers to brand experiences and are often the experience itself.”

There are three very evident reasons why it is important to have your content refreshed regularly:

  1. Content is what your audience is looking for. Well your audience is looking for information, help, suggestions, tips, interesting tips, or entertainment. But, if they happen to stumble upon your content, and it serves one of these needs, it is highly likely that they will look to you for more. So, having the right content that addresses your audience’s immediate need will help build a connection, and perhaps even convert to a lead!
  2. Content drives any social media strategy. Any social media plan, one with no money, and one with enough money to spend, needs a robust content plan. A content plan will help you decide what messages you need to tell your target audience. A solid content strategy and plan, will help you engage the right target audience and
  3. Content fuels SEO. Yes it does…it is what search engines thrive on. I am not going to get in to the details of why and how in this post. But the bottom line is, that posting regular content (anywhere on the web) boosts SEO rankings of your website. Good content becomes shareable which in turn helps create backlinks that are essential to improve your page rankings.

Almost every web platform needs content in some shape or form to communicate a message to an audience. It is safe to say that content is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy. Without it, you are probably going to struggle to attract the attention you need to stand out amongst your target audience. When you create great pieces of content, you are likely to be more successful in your other digital marketing efforts. The web is interlinked, after all!

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