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Elevating Global Identity through Successful Re-branding of an Established Company

About the Client

Our client is a global leader in electrical engineering solutions based in Bangalore. They primarily offer engineering consultation, technical studies, and product installation primarily in Grounding and Lightning Protection across a variety of industries in India and internationally.

Problem Statement

The company aspired to expand and grow overseas and needed to build a strong global brand presence. Despite its strong reputation within the industry for delivering high-quality solutions and demonstrating expertise in India, it encountered challenges in mirroring this proficiency through its marketing endeavors. The client faced difficulties in articulating a clear positioning and lacked the necessary marketing support to construct a compelling brand identity. Despite maintaining an active presence across various marketing channels (both online and offline), the messaging was inconsistent and weak, with no well-defined strategy in place.

They approached us for help with branding and a comprehensive overhaul of their marketing initiatives.

Key Challenges

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A niche B2B space with old-school branding/marketing practices
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Absence of robust in-house marketing support to drive the initiative internally
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Marketing depended heavily on conveying technical know-how and lacked a well-defined USP
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Aligning internal stakeholders with the necessary mindset for the brand refresh – emphasizing that it entails more than just a superficial uplift of the brand, but also requires a shift in the marketing and leadership teams' thought processes

Our Solutions

We looked into the issue in-depth and crafted a solution focusing on three elements – Research, Value Proposition, and Brand Launch and Execution.

Content Creation


We suggested creating a set of videos to highlight the unique campus and culture at their company. We scripted, shot and edited the videos in a contemporary and fun look.

Simplified JDs & Presentations

We helped design a new Job Descriptions template and structure for the campus roles, ensuring that relevant information was easily accessible. We also reworked the company’s campus presentation to offer a clearer understanding of their business landscape and individual business verticals.

Fun Signage & Merchandise

Our client needed to stand out from other recruiters and a fresh approach was needed, extending even to the way recruiters presented themselves. We helped create a new set of campus directional signage and funky T-shirt designs. These were also used by the team as giveaways to the students.
We started off with extensive research to understand the industry our client operates in, gain insight into the pain points of the target audience, and analyze the competitive landscape.
Brand Development
The insights we gained from the preliminary research helped us identify and articulate the right value proposition and key messaging pillars for them. We then developed a new logo and look that matched the contemporary style and reflected their aspirational positioning of being a global leader in the segment.
Brand Launch and Execution
We helped redesign all the marketing assets to reflect the new brand, including rewriting the content for some of their key assets. We also provided support in the ideating and designing outdoor branding collaterals to represent them in some of the leading industry events.


Our client now has an enhanced and distinct market identity at the local as well as the global level. They are able to adeptly organize all marketing efforts around precise brand marketing and are well positioned for its expansion in the forthcoming years.