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Our Story

Form Ideas to Impact – Discover Our Story

The Story Of The Storytellers

Rato Communications came into existence in 2020 with a clear vision – To bridge the gap between businesses’ objectives and their content marketing efforts.

We noticed that many agencies produced content. However, they lacked an understanding of how this content ties back to the strategic business and marketing objectives.

Rato Communications works to turn this around and elevate content marketing services being offered in the industry.

Working as your business partners, we listen to your current challenges. Our team understands the business and marketing objectives and plans to craft relevant content that hits the mark. We work with a diverse team of specialists, who follow our research-led thorough approach to deliver measurable value and ROO (Return On Objective).

How we do it?

We Have a Unique Approach to Content & Brand Development

Your business objectives are unique. And to deliver tailored support that matches it, we follow a highly structured process. We deep dive into the core of your problem statement, identify and analyze your areas of improvement, strategize effective content solutions, and implement them with focused research. 

Our proven framework leads to top-quality content that meets business objectives and resonates with your audience. We’re committed to making businesses stand out and achieve their true potential via highly customized content and communications strategies.

Our Initiatives To Give Back and Nurture...

The Content Collective Community

A Community For Content Creators

We know multiple content creators, each with their superpower. The way each of them approaches understands, and creates content is different. How do we get them to interact with each other?

There is so much variety in content that is created – marketing, creative, radio, e-learning, PR, OTT, social media, etc. Where does one learn more about other genres?   

Creators are not necessarily creating content for themselves. This constant pressure can get stressful. Where do they share this burden and let their hair down?

Content is everywhere, it is the fuel that informs, engages, and entertains. With so much opportunity available, where do content creators find opportunity to grow and improve?

The Content Collective community was started with the sole purpose – “ To improve the content ecosystem”.

Members of the TCC, work collectively to improve the quality of not just the content they create, but also the value of the creators.

The Community stays connected through Meet-Ups,  a Monthly Newsletter, and Updates on Social Channels.

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The Taru Movement

Our Pledge to plant 80,000 trees by 2030

Planting a tree is the most natural thing to do, yet many of us have forgotten how to do it. 

We have been conducting an annual tree plantation drive on the outskirts of Bangalore. It is our way of giving back and promoting a cause that is close to our hearts. 

We started small, with a target of 60 trees in 2021, growing to 150 in 2022, and  300 trees this year. We aim to double our contributions every year. 

We work with NGOs – Ecowatch India and SankalpTaru that help with coordinating with the local community (as permissions are needed), sourcing the saplings, and nurturing them for the first 2 years. 

We ask for pledges as we are keen to get more hands dirty in this cause.  

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